Sometimes you read about something and then have to keep re-reading it. It just doesn’t make sense. Try this one on: Starbucks has decided to stop the continuous brewing of decaf coffee after 12 Noon.

What’s wrong with this picture? Don’t decaf drinkers get more focused on decaf later in the day? Is afternoon not a perilous time for those who have a caffeine-sleep problem?

Now Starbucks in its desire to save money has made a major policy shift and plans to have the decaf version available only by request. That’s lovely. You’ll make a fresh cup for me? How old-fashioned!

This is just one more example of a major business looking at the way people are cutting back and trying to stay afloat. Last week the news was about consumer cutbacks at Starbucks. Maybe Mom ‘n Pop can still sell coffee!

It’s just that I’m shocked that the decaf drinkers disappear at 12 o’clock. I figured that’s when they started pumping the decaf barista for more cups of caffeine-less beverages.

I like the idea that the coffee is not sitting around for even 30 minutes. I’m just shocked that this strategy is financially viable. Does this mean that Starbucks does not attract a decaf crowd? What do they know that the heavy caffeinated loyalists are missing? Maybe we should just research that one!

What happens when the regular coffee drinkers say 30 minutes is too old for their pot? What then, Starbucks? A fresh pot in every cup? Maybe it will be all espresso all the time.

Water, anyone?

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