Two days have passed, and I’m still thinking about the reality of the current Administration. I promised her a trip to New York and the theatre after the whole election process was over. That was the way President Obama explained their night out in New York City. 

My take: No explanation needed. You two have given the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers image a heightened perspective. After all you are the President and the First Lady and when you waltz into a room or glide into a theatre, the literal swoon takes over.

The approach and philosophy are such human qualities. It’s so wonderful. As noted before it is terrific to have an Administration that’s in touch. That has a life.

Sure we don’t jet off to New York in Air Force One or its cousin smaller plane and then take the helicopter into the city for dinner and a play. We aren’t the First Family. What do you want them to do, take the $25 bus from DC to New York and miss the play?

Time is too critical; there are too many matters that need desk time before the promise gets fulfilled. Let’s not forget security. It is the elephant in the room at every juncture. It’s in place for a reason. Transport them in the safest way possible. 

Anyway the transportation accouterments come with the office; better to use them than to take the plane for a flyover publicity stunt. Oh, that genius of a marketing person is history!

The homage to Dan Barber is well deserved. He is the New York king of local product and leader of the East Coast freshness movement with his New York restaurant Blue Hill and his upstate dining experience, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a restaurant and a working farm (The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture): Perfect Symbiosis. 

The First Family has very carefully chosen their dining out evenings. The fact that they have date night just enhances their human quality appeal. The streets of New York were lined with the gawkers. Why not? Gawk away; it is a privilege to see them out and about. The New York Times photo shows the excitement.31obama.650

The Fairy Tale continues.

That’s great news for everyone.

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