That whole concept of reading an accurate, honest, non-misleading, information-packed label has me intrigued. After all I have covered the various iterations of new labels, smart labels, smart choices, call it what you want: The information is only a partial telling of the story.

Now the FDA, you know the group, the guys that have been slow out of the gate, has promised their diligence and their response time will be improved. How this applies to labels is really quite simple: The front (Front of Package, FOP) will need to be accurate and reflective of all important information. Look, Coke made a similar announcement not that many weeks ago. One company, albeit a rather large significant food world player, took the step. Why not the agency that is responsible for information and for policing accuracy?

The FDA announcement wants to have companies move from a voluntary FOP approach to a single set of nutritional criteria that spells out fat, sugar, and calories on the front of the package. The problem is the announcement comes with the phrase, “an 18-month study.” Why is this part necessary? Are we not aware that shopping time is precious and front labeling catches the eye quicker. jello

We need to know what is in the product, in plain and simple English. Maybe companies will even rethink how many ingredients are really necessary to make a purchased food. Hmm.

The process will take time, but the important take-away is that changes are a brewing. The goal is information, complete and total, on the front of the product. Visible. Kill the misinformation or lack of information.

I want to see it.

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