As more chefs talk about Meatless Mondays and adapt their menus into mainstream choices for vegetarians and vegans, it becomes easier for home chefs to follow this creative path toward healthier living. There have been an explosion of books that touch on part of this universe, but one of the latest, The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton makes the process easily achievable. Her philosophy about plant-based recipes takes the anxiety out of making recipe changes.

She begins with a kitchen initiation course which helps anyone who is considering trying these recipes (150 of them) not be overwhelmed by product substitutions. She devotes several pages to the new vocabulary that is inherent in a plant-based approach. For instance a product called seitan may prove to top the list of unfamiliarity, but may become a true protein friend. A lot of people complain that they cannot find the right substitutions for beans and rice, but Scott-Hamilton explains the basics of making easy changes.

Those who are looking for gluten-free choices or who avoid soy will have little trouble managing this new recipe guide as she explains the simple purchases that translate one of her basic recipes into a relevant one for that food requirement. Which recipes do the trick? Let’s look at just a few that are appealing to the masses. Name a country or a region of the world and she has developed an easy-to-follow recipe that will quickly convert you into a fan.

For instance if you’re worried you’ll miss croissants, no fear there’s the Buttery Croissant recipe that calls for vegan heavy cream which is available in markets or by following her recipe for a homemade version. Wiener Schnitzel comes to life by ursing coconut oil for frying and seitan as the meat substitute. She even includes a Kugel recipe with silken tofu working with the potatoes to make a dish that will fool many a traditional kugel lover.

The list goes on but the strongest takeaway remains that a plant-based diet is achievable with the help of a recipe collection such as this. The shopping lists and product descriptions are well spelled out.

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