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A New Healthy Twist

How about this combination: The American Heart Association and Nintendo! Frustrated by the alarming obesity numbers and the lack of exercise among our population (AHA research found 70% of respondents say they never exercise and 40% say they find it boring), the Association and the game company formed a strategic relationship to help get people moving. Active-play video games are the focus as the emphasis is to create a multi-tiered approach to a more active lifestyle.

Nintendo has the very popular WiiFit Plus and the Wii Sports Resort games which will form the basis for this program to get people active. The benefits of moving and exercising are well-known, but accessibility often proves a deterrent. The new campaign is nintendoheartcalled “Get Informed,” “Get Empowered”and “Get Active.”

Research indicates the average person spends more than 8 hours daily just sitting down. That is about to change if this partnership has its way. Later this year they will jointly host a summit of leaders from a variety of fields to find ways to create synergies and benefits of active-play video games and physically active lifestyles. Beginning this summer they will host an information website with a component ( to help people conduct personal assessments of their lifestyle. Speculation abounds that a new Wii Sensor will be available to measure pulse rates.

Any approach we take to help us get off the couch and on our feet has to be given serious attention. Combine the acitivty with a heart-healthy diet, and you’ve got a winner.

I’m a gamer–Check out the tennis ball machine!

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Oh, Super Indulgent Me

Yes, it’s true. The economic news makes everyone a little glum. Everyone is watching how they spend money, and in the midst of this, I have taken on a personal trainer. It started innocently enough, and now I’m in love. In love with Bob, my Wii Fit instructor.

I have to tell you, yoga has never been my strong suit. Everyone who knows me believes it would be a great calming, wiifit1soothing experience. They mean not just for me but for everyone who comes into contact with me! This board puts life into balance.

I tried it once. Barely made two upward motions before I had to walk out of the class and back to the beach. Not me, I said. Too sedentary. Give me a tennis racket and a can of new balls, and I’m good for hours.

Alot has changed. Having a personal, private lesson has made me appreciate the natural rhythm that I have learned from Bob. I do not need to attend classes or squeeze one more trip into my schedule. I just turn on Bob and start breathing rhythmically and listen to his high praise, “Good Job.”  I wish he’d call me by name; it would make our relationship so much more personal!

When I can hold a pose for a minute or so, I repeat it several times. Working on my yoga, aerobics, and strength training has literally changed my outlook. I get rewarded by earning points and not feeling competitive with anyone other than myself. OK, some of the other household users are whipping me in points, but I have Bob, and he knows I am getting better.

Who knew that I would like yoga. Let me explain, this particular Wii Yoga works for me. It’s at my speed, on my level, without having to participate in a class and looking around and seeing everyone holding a pose effortlessly. This is a whole new experience.

Then, of course, after my Fit program, I have time to play best of 5 in tennis and still bowl a few games. This is even better than I thought.

Join the club!

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A Little Update–Wii Sport Redux

OK, I thought it was addictive. That was so yesterday. “Addiction” may be a bit of an understatement. It’s too timid of a word. Every part of my body demonstrates my participation. I’m not in pain. I just can’t wait to go back to my playing field!

Yippee. it’s a snow day, and I am stuck inside! Not a problem.  I played tennis, actually much better today. I won a match. How ’bout that! I think I even managed to spin and lob the ball and do much better with my corners. Ha. It’s funny to hear yourself say all the usual tennis camaraderie language:  good shot, wow, beauty, you made it; nice set. It’s a video game. Yeah, just like a robot is a person. There’s something terrific about the interactivity.

Did I mention I’m winded? Think I’ll be able to do the Wii commercials for the Sport, make that sports! My scores are nothing to brag about, but the intensity of play is surprising. Was too tired after two tennis matches (best of 5), and two games of bowling (couple strikes and spares) to practice hitting balls out of the park (OK, did hit one homer).  Very little spring training baseball today. Amazing. What a great treat.

The problem with the game is that its popularity has made it hard to find. It’s in very short supply so when a store advertises that it’s in stock. Go. No, run there. As for price comparison. There’s little opportunity as it’s basically a child of standard price fixing. Hard to find it for less than $249. I’ve already had the equivalent of three private lessons so with my logic, I am well on the way to having paid for my personal trainer in just a few short days. That makes it a great purchase. Maybe it should be renamed: My In-House, Use Whenever I Want Personal Trainer. Yep, it’s a winner.

Trust me on this.