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Hotels Respond to the Coffee Crunch

It seems no matter where you travel these days that hotels have heard the cry for decent coffee. In-room service has moved away from those suspect pots, which may or may not have been properly cleaned, to single shot service. Feels a little safer, cleaner, better. After all a package with an upscale signature such as Wolfgang Puck, can motivate you to at least try it. Maybe you’ll use two packets, but either way there’s a sense of security and control!

When you stay at a mid-tier property, and you hear the restaurant server explain that the coffee is “a little better, a little stronger, more like Starbucks,” you know what to expect.  Actually, it’s a matter of what the hotel company has heard: Stop pouring the weak stuff. I can water it down if it’s too strong, but it can’t work the other way. Whether changes were made due to consumer response or survey responses or just plain common sense, the reason remains less important than the reality. Starting the day, or in my case at any point of the day, with a decent cup of coffee makes a difference.

Maybe this is all part of the renewed and improved market for business travelers. Now that they are back on the road, it seems each of the hotel brands is ready to do some upscaling to grab that important market segment. With smart work from a hotel’s sales staff, leisure travel, likewise, has all the appearances of getting a bounce. If there are few other signs of economic improvement, these are noteworthy.

Not just the coffee service but the whole breakfast scene is being revitalized. The days of a sweet roll and a cup of coffee are moving further into the annals of hotel hopping. Hyatt just announced they are reworking their Summerfield Suites and rebranding them as Hyatt House, a brand that will offer a variety of comforting selections including made-to-order breakfasts. That feature is a big drawing card for almost any guest. From a hotel perspective, it’s a newly vital component of the brand message. Look at how well the Bistro concept works for the Courtyard franchise.

If you are paying over $500 a night for a room, your concerns include a good quality restaurant with a menu that addresses a wide-range of tastes and allows for substitutions. Yet if your stay is more moderate as in the under $200 a night category, a made-to-order breakfast becomes a positive plus in overall decision-making. The word “complimentary” has a smart marketing ring to it!

A decent cup of coffee and a hot breakfast are two important trends making their way through the moderate, mid-priced hotel industry. All segments of the traveling public seem responsive to this type of positive change. Now just stop charging for wi-fi and you’ve got a friend!

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Hotels Elevate the Food Experience

We have spent a lot of time talking about high food prices and equating that to the continual stalemate of economic progress: The reality of doom and gloom. Yet, another indicator has emerged from the doldrums. This time the specific focus is on the travel industry. Hotels that were giving away rooms not that long ago are now more inclined to raise prices and offer pluses to lure you inside. Travel has always been a strong indicator of economic growth, and with the uptick in business travel, leisure has started to fill rooms, too.

What special benefits can hotels offer to distinguish themselves? That is an ongoing industry, marketing question. Hyatt jumped up to the plate with a Welcome Credit. Depending on the number of nights, the monetary reward could be as high as $150. A guest should have no problem enjoying spending the money on the property. Hello, steak dinner.

If you’re Vegas-bound, you have the universe of selections as hotels are tripping over each other with good deals as their economy still lags. Once you settle on a property, take a stroll down the Strip and dine to your heart’s content as a whole coterie of big-deal chefs continue to wine and dine the visitor. It seems no end is in sight as to the restaurant potential in Vegas. Corby Kummer finds that the food now matches the hype! Jose Andres followers take note: The famous chef continues to research and study the history of foods. His latest education turns his palate to Chinese food. Washington, DC, which feels a certain hometown national pride over Andres’s food empire, will readily welcome a good Chinese restaurant, or two.

Let’s not forget coffee. In-room coffee service has been heavily scrutinized, and criticized, for its questionable cleanliness standards. Hotels have fought back with lobby coffee partnerships that promise a respectable cup of coffee. Marriott Hotels have various coffee partnerships depending on the brand. Newer or refurbished Courtyards offer Starbucks in the Bistro, and the higher-end properties (JW Marriott, Renaissance) may have taken coffee to a new height: An Espressamente Illy., a true coffee experience. The logic is quite simple: Keep the money in the property rather than watch guests stroll down the block and return to the hotel with someone else’s cup.

Sure small refrigerators and minibars stocked with a guest’s pre-ordered items (Hilton) are popular, but what’s better than good food and a great cup of coffee? OK, a lovely wine, but that’s not really been a hotel’s downfall. So pack your bags and take a hotel holiday or a mini-vacation. It is summer, after all.

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Trouble in FoodLand

Maybe it’s the extreme heat gripping parts of the country or maybe it’s just that time of the year when the ducks get lined up properly and months of research come rushing out the gates. That’s where we are in the food world.

I challenged Congress (the House) when they came up with the money-saving notion of switching to styrofoam cups in their cafeteria. It seemed like a backwards step then as environmental issues needed to be considered. Now several months later the formaldehyde/styrofoam study has come out, and it validates much of what many of us have believed for a long time. Skip the styrofoam.

The same goes for food on pesticide lists. For a number of years there have been lists of fruits and vegetables that should be considered safe and those that should by default move into the organic purchase pile. There have always been some obvious ones such as the berries which hug the soil. (If you crave strawberries, consider organic).  It was common knowledge that if you could peel it, you could remove many of the invading pesticides. Not so fast, Jones.

The report from The Environmental Working Group points a rather strict finger at a fruit that is readily available and well recognized by most: The Apple. It tops the latest list of fruit-invaded pesticides. Apples have had other issues in the past with spraying, but the common belief has been that you could wash the apple well and solve the problem. This report discredits that philosophy.

So what is one to do? It is true that organics have an increased presence in most grocers and markets, but as we well know, the price for switching from the regular produce aisle to the organic one can greatly increase one’s food bill. Not everyone is a candidate for organic shopping. We want variety, and the apple has often been the mainstay of packed lunches and a go-to snack.

According to the report, the apple has some company that gives pause to summer purchases: Cilantro was tested for the first time, and the herb ranked highest in overall pesticide infusion. Its position gives it the unenvious title of having the most unapproved pesticides in any product since the guide was first started in 1995! Not a good position to be in.

Here are the rankings of the 53 fruits and vegetables from the “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides. Celery is probably pretty happy as it no longer tops the Dirty Dozen; it dropped to 2nd place! Celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce and greens (kale and collards) are the vegetables most likely to retain pesticide contamination. As for those on the Clean Fifteen, (The vegetables least likely to test positive for pesticides), they found onions, sweet corn, asparagus, sweet peas, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. As for the fruits that score the best, those with the least pesticide residue, think avocado, mango, pineapple, watermelon, and grapefruit.

Just a week or so ago, the USDA introduced The Plate and took the Food Pyramid out of our lexicon. The plate is stacked in favor of fruits and vegetables. A little irony there, as we need to put the safest fruits and vegetables on the plate; not just any fruits and vegetables!

Timing is everything. Don’t forget your reusable container for coffee!

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Cookbook Round-Up

Summertime is the perfect time to laze around enjoying some of the new cookbooks that have hit the market. With all the fine produce at the farm stands and the grocers who strive to bring in local, this is a good time to look at the vegetable options.

With the increasing number of Vegan followers and those who subscribe to meatless days or think about healthier options, here’s a good primer: Color Me Vegan. What’s particularly enjoyable about this book is its color-coded emphasis on eating healthy; eating vegan. The recipes are easy to follow and attractive to lure you into trying something new. Those who just want the burst of color will be able to tweak the recipe to accommodate the omnivores.

Now that everyone has written about Gluten-Free and its mainstream numbers, the cookbooks are popping out of the printers.  Here’s one (125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes) that includes recipes for vegans although the combination of being G-F and V can be challenging at times. The highlight of this book is the straightforward approach from writer, Carol Fenster, who has an impressive history covering special diet needs including earlier gluten-free cookbooks: Would you believe her earlier 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipe cookbook! The 125 G-F recipe book will be available in July.

Neither a Vegan nor a Gluten-Free approach to vegetables, but one that considers how time starved we all are: The Best 30-Minute Vegetarian Recipes makes it easy to approach the summer heat with quick solutions to a healthy meal. Most of the 150 recipes are low in fat and in sugar. When the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are market ready or ready to be picked from your own garden, the Gazpacho recipe may prove a perfect summer favorite.

I have to leave the vegetable track for a moment and consider the importance of good bread to accompany all these veggie recipes. As we’ve watched foods come into vogue, we recognize the return of a once-popular piece of kitchen equipment: The Bread Machine. Prices have dropped on this handy kitchen accessory due to its formerly untrendy status so this is a perfect item to add now and awaken the family to the delicious morning aroma of  just-baked bread. The Artisan Bread Machine with its 250 recipes fits the ease-of-use bill. Nothing’s better than combining artisan techniques into the workhouse machine! Add to that the summertime availability of delicious tomatoes (atop a foccaccia) and the desire to serve a healthy pizza lets you add your fresh vegetable toppings to the wonderful crusts from the bread machine.

These are just some of the many new cookbooks worth your summertime lolling pleasure. Relax with an iced coffee, and find the perfect solution to any meal period. Enjoy.




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The Healthy Cups of Coffee

As with wine, my favorite finds are the health articles that discuss the benefits from the beverages. Today is no exception. The latest study from Sweden reports on the beneficial effects from drinking more than a single cup of coffee daily. The focus is on women without a history of cardiovascular disease. Findings clearly support a 22 to 25% reduction in the possibility of having a stroke. The lead researchers followed more than 30,000 women (from 49 to 83 years old) for 10 years. The single nor occasional cup does not produce these results.

It should be noted that the research indicates that women who do not drink coffee or have very limited coffee consumption are more likely to have a stroke. Other factors such as smoking, weight, and alcohol consumption did not affect the overall benefit women gain from daily, multiple cups of coffee. Researchers did not separate out the caffeinated from the decaffeinated drinkers, but Sweden is well known for its strong coffee brews so the authors doubt the number of decaf drinkers would significantly affect the data.

This study follows on the heels of an earlier one from Israel (The Heart Institute of Sheba) that found that 3 cups of coffee a day is good for you and protects against heart attacks and is good for the circulatory system. What is interesting about this study’s findings is that both individuals who have suffered heart conditions and those free of disease benefited from the caffeine dosage. People who have shied away from coffee for fear of a spike in their blood pressure and pulse rate might start to enjoy those multiple cups.

These studies support my overall philosophy that coffee has strong benefits and that days of diminished consumption help no one, especially those with whom you come into contact! Keep healthy, enjoy good coffee in beautiful cups.illyrehberger_143x130

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A Done Deal: The Single Cup

We have been waiting for the announcement and just got it: Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Keurig units have completed the paperwork, and we’ll be the winners come this fall. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz identified a significant piece of  research: Over 80% of current customers do not yet own a single-cup brewer. Following on the heels of the company’s most successful rollout ever, the VIA paks, they are ready to combine two concepts into one swift marketing move.MW-AJ137_starbu_20110310090529_MD

The products will be widely available and not limited to a single retail outlet. Remember the coffee deal with Kraft expired so their reach with this partnership has expanded almost infinitesimally. Not just coffee, but the units will work well with their Tazo tea lineup.

Let’s think about the home use advantages: All those times when you don’t want to brew a whole pot could grab the top slot. How about one person favoring a decaf and another an espresso, that works. All of this brew technology rests with the success of the single-pod machines. For travelers, there could be an across-the-board in-room revolution: Hotels could throw out the in-room coffee pots and go for the more sanitary single-use approach. OK, how about the office where no one wants to clean the pot; so no one does! My personal travel and in-home list could continue, but most importantly the news comes at the same time everyone is reporting an insane spike in the cost of Arabica beans.

One issue to ponder: The environmental impact of these little containers. Last fall this was at the top of the radar pile; let’s see what news comes out on this fractious issue.

As coffee prices rise, a single cup solution may win over a whole new legion of followers. We’ll watch and taste.

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40 Years: That’s a Lot of Steam

As CEO Howard Schultz made the media rounds to establish his place in history and that of the company, Starbucks, it is fitting that we, too, get to share in the pride of accomplishment. Forty years for any establishment, especially one that has made its name on pouring specialty brews, is an impressive marker. To celebrate they have officially imprinted their new logo and have 2 days of celebrations lined up to thank customers and give them a preview taste of the new food items.

From March 10-12 in the afternoons (from 3-5P) when you order a drink, they will give you a taste of their new lineup: the Petites. Yes, small bites are in and these little guys come in at just 200 calories so they pack a perfect pairing with the afternoon visit. Personally, I’m all over the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. Hear me shout. OK, the Salted Caramel Sweet Square comes in a close second: Sweet and Salty continues to thrive in the food world.

Starbucks continues to expand its food lineup as they have successfully learned that customers want a little bit with that cuppa. The biggest issue they currently face is coffee pricing as futures continue to climb. It looks as if they are holding steady, at least for the moment.


As part of Tribute week, the term they created to thank customers for their patronage, (or as is evident, they’d be nowhere without our overcaffeinated lifestyles), they have a new coffee, the Tribute Blend. It’s a combination of their most successful coffees: Aged Sumatra and sun-dried Ethiopian with Colombian and Papua New Guinea added to round out the flavor profile. This is a salute to their most popular coffees working together. Or, a parallel to their solid customer base.

So when you sit and daydream about starting a new business, think about this little coffee company that started in Seattle and has spread its wings worldwide. It truly is the Little Engine That Could. Any company that survived the last two difficult economic years when so many analysts wrote off the concept as being too expensive for many, deserves attention. Sure they made changes. Everyone did, but here they are today.

Coffee and…please.

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The Lighter Grocery Bag

Remember the good old days when a bag of groceries cost about $20? Really that wasn’t that long ago, but now that single bag is more apt to hover closer to $50. Food costs are skyrocketing. Every department; every store. What’s the consumer to do?

Simple rule of thumb: Know your prices. If you know the cost of the basics, then you know when an item “on sale” is truly a sale-priced item.

Step two: Plan menus around the sales. If this is the week that avocados are reasonable, then guacamole proves tastier. You can follow that rhythm through each department. Chicken thighs on sale; chicken thighs, it is.

There are few other strategies that work as well during the upward creep. Maybe the process is faster than a creepy crawl as a week does not go by without another commodity escalating upwards.

Coffee prices are up. Eggs are more expensive. Bread products continue to rise (pun intended). Name a food, a basic commodity, and you understand how the shopping scene has changed.10-Keurig-B40-Lg

Besides the bread basket costs of grocery shopping, another effect is on restaurants. Consumers have only so much of their budgeted money for food, whether at the market or at a restaurant. The end result is the fast food and casual restaurants do much better while the mid-tier suffers. The end result is that the restaurant picture continues to struggle as many restaurants with higher price points cannot survive the slack sales.

As we all hold on tighter to our wallets, grocery shopping and dining out become the precious commodities. Increased pricing hits all of us hard.

We can’t afford heavy lifting.

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The Goods on Coffee

Love the days where the health news about coffee lives in the positive column. Today’s one of those days. Name your tonic. OK, let me help.

Women do better with regular coffee than if they decaffeinate. We are talking about mental health, and the ability to handle stress. Yes, it’s true we can become overcaffeinated and be robotically productive, but in general drinking regular coffee means better situational responses for women than for men. OK, score another one for women and for coffee! Our brain power goes up with our consumption. Maybe we need to keep the numbers in check, but you get the point. The same UK study concludes that men do worse on memory tests after the coffee consumption than women. Slow down the inter-office friction and offer men decaffeinated coffee.

How about the diabetes and coffee link? That’s an important health discussion that seems to improve with coffee input: Lower diabetes numbers for those who drink coffee. That’s good news and again it seems women are the beneficiaries of this multiple cup approach to life. Men did not fare as well in being protected from diabetes. Women who had four cups of coffee daily were less likely to get Type 2 Diabetes, the most common form. The authors recognize that more research to uncover the complete causal relationship is still necessary, but the findings continue to support earlier reports.

No matter the report, one fact is certain: The morning cup of coffee works wonders especially in our frigid climes. Take out the china and treat yourself!fortessatn_HBW-00-531

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How ’bout a Coffee Taste Test?

Deals that offer the common refrain, try it you’ll like it, but if not, we’ll give you your money back, are great attention getters. Even though we are encouraged to shred and get rid of excess receipts, sometimes it pays to hold on to proof of purchase as it may prove your ticket to a new taste.

Today’s announcement by Starbucks is one such good reward. In their continual push to get more customers familiar with VIA, their instant Ready-Brew package line, they now say if it’s not to your liking, they will (with proof of purchase from now until the end of August) replace your investment with a sure-fire pleaser: A pound of ground coffee.

This can easily be called a win-win situation. If you try the handy packets and like them, perfect. If you were afraid to try them because of uncertainty, that fear has been eliminated. Perfect. If you flat-out don’t like the taste, you will be able to replace the VIA investment with a Starbucks guarantee: A free 12 oz bag of Starbucks ground house blend. Winnah!

The VIA numbers have been impressive for the company, and the line has expanded from its original Colombia and Italian launch to include an iced brew packet and multiple flavors. Their biggest launch was the holiday VIA Christmas Blend. The VIA rollout was named one of the most memorable product launches of 2010!

With all of this success, why do it? Why not? If more people try it and like, then the VIA numbers continue to impress. If the new users are unhappy, they get rewarded with coffee they are already familiar with.

Now it’s time to do the taste test.  A promise is a promise.efb8c7aadba74a779b0f8cfc4baf3bb6

Everyone’s a winner.

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