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Eating with Uncle Sam

I can think of no better time than a few days before Labor Day to introduce you to a wonderful book from the National Archives. It is easy to think of this mammoth building as a holder of major historical documents. To us in the food community that includes recipes that parallel the important events of history.

The major undertaking of a food exhibit, “What’s Cooking Uncle Sam,” a pop-up restaurant, American Eats Tavern, and a cookbook, Eating with Uncle Sam, has added a whole new chapter to the collections from the Archives and the Presidential libraries. Yes, food has played an important role in our history and much of what we do and comment on today within the universe of food has its earliest roots tied into a major document that has been preserved. Think of the current trendy chef movement toward the healthy concept of Meatless Mondays. It was during World War II that Americans were asked to have a meatless day (Tuesday) and such a tradition remained a strong staple of households many years after the War ended.

Touring the exhibit at the Archives gives one a bountiful repast of our history and how food evolved within the culture. Dining nearby at the Jose Andres restaurant (America Eats Tavern), lets one celebrate our history with a taste of the original recipes. After all how many types of Catsup have evolved over the years! A good way to test your palate. Now it all comes together with this new book.

One of the most discussed posters in the exhibit is entitled “Eat the Carp” which serves as an introduction to the fish chapter which includes a recipe for Paprikosh (1917-20) which today we might call a fish hash. Or try Lady Bird Johnson’s famous Shrimp Squash Casserole.

If sweets are more to your liking, there are plenty of recipes to try including Aunt Sammy’s Radio Recipe of Fruit Cake. After all, we wonder how some recipes ever evolved! How about a recipe for Fondant with the accompanying 1917-19 poster “Sugar: Save It.”

These little tastes should help you set a table of historical recipes. If you can’t make it to the Archives before the exhibit closes in early January, then take a You Tube tour.

In the meantime, enjoy the history and the recipes as you recognize the importance of keeping records.

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Trouble in FoodLand

Maybe it’s the extreme heat gripping parts of the country or maybe it’s just that time of the year when the ducks get lined up properly and months of research come rushing out the gates. That’s where we are in the food world.

I challenged Congress (the House) when they came up with the money-saving notion of switching to styrofoam cups in their cafeteria. It seemed like a backwards step then as environmental issues needed to be considered. Now several months later the formaldehyde/styrofoam study has come out, and it validates much of what many of us have believed for a long time. Skip the styrofoam.

The same goes for food on pesticide lists. For a number of years there have been lists of fruits and vegetables that should be considered safe and those that should by default move into the organic purchase pile. There have always been some obvious ones such as the berries which hug the soil. (If you crave strawberries, consider organic).  It was common knowledge that if you could peel it, you could remove many of the invading pesticides. Not so fast, Jones.

The report from The Environmental Working Group points a rather strict finger at a fruit that is readily available and well recognized by most: The Apple. It tops the latest list of fruit-invaded pesticides. Apples have had other issues in the past with spraying, but the common belief has been that you could wash the apple well and solve the problem. This report discredits that philosophy.

So what is one to do? It is true that organics have an increased presence in most grocers and markets, but as we well know, the price for switching from the regular produce aisle to the organic one can greatly increase one’s food bill. Not everyone is a candidate for organic shopping. We want variety, and the apple has often been the mainstay of packed lunches and a go-to snack.

According to the report, the apple has some company that gives pause to summer purchases: Cilantro was tested for the first time, and the herb ranked highest in overall pesticide infusion. Its position gives it the unenvious title of having the most unapproved pesticides in any product since the guide was first started in 1995! Not a good position to be in.

Here are the rankings of the 53 fruits and vegetables from the “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides. Celery is probably pretty happy as it no longer tops the Dirty Dozen; it dropped to 2nd place! Celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce and greens (kale and collards) are the vegetables most likely to retain pesticide contamination. As for those on the Clean Fifteen, (The vegetables least likely to test positive for pesticides), they found onions, sweet corn, asparagus, sweet peas, eggplant, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. As for the fruits that score the best, those with the least pesticide residue, think avocado, mango, pineapple, watermelon, and grapefruit.

Just a week or so ago, the USDA introduced The Plate and took the Food Pyramid out of our lexicon. The plate is stacked in favor of fruits and vegetables. A little irony there, as we need to put the safest fruits and vegetables on the plate; not just any fruits and vegetables!

Timing is everything. Don’t forget your reusable container for coffee!

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A GF World

It’s hard to believe that food labeling laws are proceeding at a crawl of a snail’s pace. Or not proceeding at all, depending on whom you ask. GF labeling Legislation was supposed to be in place three years ago (I love the line from the piece that describes the time period as the equivalent amount of time it took to build the Tunnel between France and Britain.) Some manufacturers have taken advantage of the increased marketing opportunities for labeling a product gluten-free. Shameful, but true. With the increased attention and awareness of Celiac Disease (May is National Celiac Awareness Month) and of finding significant numbers of individuals who have discovered they are gluten intolerant, it is devastating and dangerous that these protective laws have not been enacted.

We are not talking about a trend unless we are referencing the increased shelf space for GF products. Rather this is a health issue that needs attention in the current environment. This past week there were numerous outreach programs to call attention to the numbers of individuals affected by the disease. Will all of these efforts help? Possibly one of the most powerful benefits will mean that more people will be tested for this type of diet and many will feel better if they make the switch to a GF lifestyle. Not a trend; a healthy reality.

What can manufacturers do? Continue to examine product line and make certain that all the safety precautions have been applied to ensure that the labeling is accurate. Just this week Barbara’s Bakery, the cereal manufacturer, added to its GF lineup. Why not have Puffins Multigrain? Freezer options continue as well with Glutino expanding its pizza lineup with multi-paks. What happens if you are time-starved but crave a complete Italian entree, then Caesar’s GF linup works wonders. You have numerous freezer choices including manicotti, shells, lasagna, and gnocchi. Add your favorite sauce, and you’re covered!

Choices abound. Read the labels carefully and make certain your specific health and allergy needs are met. In the meantime, let’s hope that the FDA gets moving.


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Elmo and Congress: A Duet of Hope

As we rush around fulfilling all the end-of-the-year promises and getting everyone in place for a weekend of festivities, it is fitting that Sesame Street plays a major role in our moves forward. Yes, last week Elmo visited the White House (you might enjoy the video) to congratulate everyone on the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act: A true milestone in more ways than just from Elmo’s visit! The hunger numbers have not decreased.

Then over this past weekend, the Senate wanted to elevate its place in history as it managed to secure passage of the Food Safety Bill. If you recall, they passed it about a month ago, but there was an outcry about how legislation gets initiated and passed. With a few language adjustments, that fear doctrine was removed. Now as the final legislative countdown of the year is in full swing, the House needs to act to put this into law.

What does this all mean for us, the consumer? Are we safer? Is our food safer? Are we protected?

The answers to all those questions depend on who you ask and how much you trust the various systems. No doubt it has been a difficult year in the realm of food safety with E. coli and Salmonella recalls vying for headline prominence. The CDC reported that 1 in 6 consumers gets sick from foodborne illnesses each year! A frightening percentage.eggs

Many of our sacred foods including peanut butter and eggs went under the knife as consumers were in harm’s way from various avenues. Now will our lives be safer? Will the FDA have the manpower to implement the new legislation? Will school nutrition programs prove to be healthier for the millions of young people that need to get food?

These are all questions of hope. Hope that the continuing efforts from the White House for nutritional benefits and from Congress for legislative mandates for government agencies will all benefit the end user: Us.

It is after all the season of hope.

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The Shocking Equation: Hunger

No one wants to see a title like this just days before Thanksgiving, but now is the time to focus on one of our nation’s most debilitating problems. We often see people on street corners and in public spaces soliciting for money for shelter or food, but there’s a more hidden problem that seems to be multiplying: Childhood Hunger.

We can help end childhood hunger. Each of us can try to help and contribute time and money to a food bank or give products to various food drives, but the problem is far greater than that. The states have to come on board and contribute money to the schools to get more individuals into school lunch programs. It is an interesting equation that says the more the states do to help alleviate the problem, the greater the financial commitment from the Federal Government.understanding-child

Some wonder, why start with the children? The simple answer is alleviation at that level helps remedy the problem as it invades all aspects of society. When one is hungry, one cannot learn. The correlation proves quite simple. USDA reports that one in four children have been found to be hungry. Staggering.

Organizations are in place. The House needs to pass the legislation, The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, that has already cleared the Senate. We cannot sit lamely by and wait for another session before we put food on the table. This commitment is the nexus of what First Lady Michelle Obama has been working on with the myriad of food programs she has advocated. School nutrition and the school lunch program come together into an important, health-saving package.

Now, this Thanksgiving, it is time to fill the table and make certain our children have the food, the right, healthy food, they need to progress. As we share our bounty with those in greater need, let’s hope our country can act quickly and attack this pervasive problem.

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Food Safety Victory

ucm174613It took less than 24 additional hours for the House to come to its senses on food safety. The bill (The Food Safety Enhancement Act) with its far-reaching benefits scored a more impressive tally in the House on its second attempt. Now it’s up to the Senate to move it to vote quickly and to a positive outcome–to be put into action. Unfortunately, we are looking at summer vacation (Recess) for the Senate, so this will not be discussed til the Fall.

What this means for the consumer will be a modernization of the FDA’s abilities to protect our food supply at its source and every phase of outreach. There will be more inspections of food and more resources to act upon the information: They’ll get the money and the manpower. The FDA would actually have authority to order a recall and not just lean on a company to have a “voluntary recall.” That is a significant difference.

Obviously believing that the Senate will champion the vote, the USDA has already scheduled a food safety education conference for this coming spring.

This is the way our nation’s food supply should be focused: A positive approach to all aspects of safety and an earlier fail-safe method to make our food safe without the constant consumer worry of what’s next. What food recall will happen today?

Maybe those days of woeful anxiety are over.

Let’s hope.

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Yikes–You Kidding Me??

OK, so the little ones get a bath and look really good. They even smell clean, and then when the house is quiet I read the morning paper. Are you kidding? Baby shampoo and “baby soaps” are filled with all kinds of carcinogens. Formaldehyde and something called 1,4 dioxane, whatever that is, on their bodies! Those words alone should scare us. What is going on here?

My being outraged is hardly sufficient. How did this ever happen? If I switch to so-called organic soaps and shampoos, are they safer? Who says? What harm have I already caused in the 3 years they have been bathed in this formaldehyde stuff? How many millions of young children have been cleansed sobaby?

Who is at fault? I do not believe one company gets all the blame. Since these are not considered ingredients but contaminants, they do not have to be listed. How crazy is that notion! There are no regulations that stop this. Turns out I can’t even get angry at the FDA; they don’t have the authority to regulate cosmetics at the ingredient stage.

Hello, Congress, can you hear me? This affects everyone, all your constituents. Maybe the Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families will get the message to hold hearings. Taking these ingredients out of products within a year is not an answer.

Someone’s been asleep at the switch. Why? Parents who are trying to do the right thing are now feeling guilt in another way. What’s going to be done about this? NOW.

How come we find out about these travesties years after products have been on shelves? Is no one paying attention or must we all travel to the drug store and the grocery store with a dictionary of health words? Turns out that logic doesn’t even work. Not an ingredient; not a listing. Chemicals get a free pass. They are not regulated in the same way.

Let’s get to work and make our products safe.


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