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Going Meatless: One Step at a Time

As more chefs talk about Meatless Mondays and adapt their menus into mainstream choices for vegetarians and vegans, it becomes easier for home chefs to follow this creative path toward healthier living. There have been an explosion of books that touch on part of this universe, but one of the latest, The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton makes the process easily achievable. Her philosophy about plant-based recipes takes the anxiety out of making recipe changes.

She begins with a kitchen initiation course which helps anyone who is considering trying these recipes (150 of them) not be overwhelmed by product substitutions. She devotes several pages to the new vocabulary that is inherent in a plant-based approach. For instance a product called seitan may prove to top the list of unfamiliarity, but may become a true protein friend. A lot of people complain that they cannot find the right substitutions for beans and rice, but Scott-Hamilton explains the basics of making easy changes.

Those who are looking for gluten-free choices or who avoid soy will have little trouble managing this new recipe guide as she explains the simple purchases that translate one of her basic recipes into a relevant one for that food requirement. Which recipes do the trick? Let’s look at just a few that are appealing to the masses. Name a country or a region of the world and she has developed an easy-to-follow recipe that will quickly convert you into a fan.

For instance if you’re worried you’ll miss croissants, no fear there’s the Buttery Croissant recipe that calls for vegan heavy cream which is available in markets or by following her recipe for a homemade version. Wiener Schnitzel comes to life by ursing coconut oil for frying and seitan as the meat substitute. She even includes a Kugel recipe with silken tofu working with the potatoes to make a dish that will fool many a traditional kugel lover.

The list goes on but the strongest takeaway remains that a plant-based diet is achievable with the help of a recipe collection such as this. The shopping lists and product descriptions are well spelled out.

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Food Inspections: So Many Misses

It seems that we take one step forward and six backwards when we talk about food safety. Yes, the Food Safety Modernization Act, great name, became law at the beginning of the year, but are we believers? Is our food supply really being inspected or are we the ad hoc inspectors when we become ill from something we ate? Certainly food handling plays a role in many foodborne illnesses, but those numbers are far smaller than those that result from products never having been properly inspected.

Maybe an early positive to the Act is the formation of the Sprouts Safety Alliance (SSA). You do not need to jigger your memory buttons too much to recall how frequently sprouts have been linked to major food outbreaks. When we can feel safe ordering sprouts again or purchasing them, we’ll know that this government-sponsored effort helped put a food back at the salad bar and on the sandwich.

What is a consumer to do? At this time of the year, it’s prudent to consider a home-grown vegetable garden or participation in a local CSA. Even trips to small farmers markets may yield a more trusted crop than that coming from big suppliers who admit their products have not been inspected for quite some time.

The question remains, no matter how many times we blog it or read about it, is our food safe? Some of it. Could it be safer? Yes. In the time I wrote, edited, and sent this blog out, food safety announcements came in. This is just one example! Everyone knows there’s a problem.

Agency cutbacks are necessary to trim the budget, but to take the fat out of an inspection program that keeps us all safe makes little sense. Time to hire. Time to inspect.

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‘Tis that Time: Food Trend Outlook

The best part about early December articles is watching everyone trip over himself trying to figure out the “definite” food trends for the coming year. Today we look at two such lists, and then we’ll have plenty of time to revisit and watch. Maybe we should start with a startling fact: Eating out is now cheaper than cooking at home. Think about that a little and you’ll understand the issues facing all food purveyors. Food costs have skyrocketed, over 6%, but most restaurants are afraid to spike prices. They favor a little less food on the plate. Hey, not a problem, we have the obesity issue to contend with anyway. So watch your dollars and follow the trends.

According to Andrew Freeman, (Andrew Freeman & Co) a great food guru with a major hospitality background, this is the year of  the potato. No complaints from me as potatoes have been my friend for years. He says expect to see menus wrapped around the food such a:

–French Fry Menus: Choose Your Cut, Color, Sauce (like the French Fry Menu at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco)
–Mashers with Mix-ins
–Custom Cut Chips and You-Pick Dips

Or, Grilled Cheese, which he calls the next burger as in:

–Signature Sandwiches
–Gourmet Interpretations, Creative Variations, Old-Time Classics
–Artisan Ingredients (or Not), or:

Produce-ing Desserts, Vegetable Desserts

–Experimentation with Flavors
–Innovative Creations Combine Savory and Sweet

They, of course, have numerous additional ideas and let you look back at prior food trend lists to see how well they did!

Supermarket News approaches the food trend list from an entirely different perspective and lists the number 1 trend which will impact everything as food prices. They do not believe prices will lessen much as production costs continue to increase, but they see grocers coming up with clever ways to entice the consumer including bonus points getting used toward lay-away programs for bigger purchases as coupon use continues. They expect to see more grocers joining the “farm to fork” philosophy as food origin has become an important factor in purchasing. Likewise, they expect grocers to cater more to the largest population of shoppers, the baby boomers, 76 million of them, “will control 52% of the total $706 billion spend on groceries by 2015 – making them the largest food influencers and purchasers.”

Regardless of which approach you follow, that of a marketer or that of a purveyor, in looking at upcoming trends, be certain that food issues will continue to dominate headlines.



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A New Vegan Cookbook

This is that wonderful time of the year when new cookbooks seem to multiply on the shelves and in our e-readers to get us ready for the holiday gift-giving universe. So many choices; so many occasions. Today my thoughts go to a plant-based universe as so many individuals are considering making major changes to their diets. Going Vegan is not a trend, but a reality for many people who believe that the only way to sustain our food supply is not to eat it all up! Of course, there are those who follow this route on doctor’s advice or because they have tried it and recognize its benefits. Part-time “veganites” know how to master both universes!

Now that we have said good-bye to Daylight Savings Time and a bit of a Fall chill pervades the East Coast air, it’s time to start thinking of heart-warming foods and take out the slow-cooker to make it happen with ease. This wonderful piece of equipment  somehow magically turns great ingredients into great meals with limited effort from us. In the new cookbook, The Vegan Slow Cooker, Kathy Hester the founder of the blog, elevates her blog world forward with a well-crafted cookbook that makes meal preparation rewarding with the added plus of wonderful aromas wafting thru the rooms.

She has chosen 150 recipes that cover all meal parts including the important need for dessert. An added plus is that many of the dishes are also Gluten-free and Soy-free, both important features that broaden the book’s overall appeal. I particularly like the tag line, “Simply Set It and Go.” Yes, slow-cooking has multiple advantages and now with the Vegan emphasis, its audience has broadened.

Of course, we recognize that slow-cooking has an important place when it comes to simple, but tasty, entrees, stews, and soups, but what about the other courses? Here are some enticers:

–Breads and Pizzas (Rosemary Breakfast Bread or Foccacia Pizza Dough)

–Breakfast Casserole or French Toast Casserole (intrigued yet?), or

Pumpkin Pie Pudding which sounds like a seasonal winner.

In our time-starved universe, finding a book that combines fast preparation with foods that literally cook themselves, helps us manage the meal-time drill. Here’s a good start to a season of slow cooker meals.


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The Attack on the Healthy Plate

Not all plates are created equal. Nor are all healthy plates the true domain of healthy eating. That’s what Harvard nutrition researchers demonstrate in their rebuke of the new USDA guidelines (My Plate) for healthy eating. They applaud the Agency for getting rid of the Pyramid approach to eating but find fault with its newest iteration as being too vague.  They believe that there is more to the story than just saying you need to eat foods in these categories. The Harvard nutritionists are not answering to any potential interest group as they speculate guides the USDA in some of its decision-making.

The Harvard study exposes the faults of generalizing food changes as they take apart each segment and enhance the approach with specificity. For instance with proteins they say not all proteins have the same value for eating healthy. They suggest limiting meat intake and choosing other, healthier foods such as fish, poultry, or beans. They define their adjustments as the Healthy Eating Plate.

The Harvard study is not a complaint against the categories but a source of additional information on how that plate should be filled.  Specifics matter; not just categories. Let’s break it down:

Fill 1/2 of the plate with fruits and vegetables and focus on adding as much color and variety. They say, “potatoes and French fries do not count as vegetables” because of their high carb count which create the same sugar high as sweets. Interestingly some reports came out this week favoring white fruits as the healthier fruits. Not this study!

Put whole grains on 1/4 of your plate. Use brown rice and whole-grain pasta and limit white rice and other refined grains.

Make a protein choice the final 1/4 of the plate. They say eggs are fine (unless there are some additional health limitations), but red meat and processed meats such as cold cuts and bacon should be avoided.

Use healthy oils such as olive and canola and limit intake of butter.

Drink water, tea, or coffee (with little or no sugar) and limit milk/dairy and juice consumption.

The researchers believe that the above specifics further define the overall categories of the new food guidelines and increase the heart-healthy benefits of careful eating. They stress the importance of staying active as an inherent component of any approach to improving lifestyle choices

Now if we could just figure out how to get enough food to people that have little choice in their selections, each of these plate approaches would have greater, long-term benefits.

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A Chef and A Zebra

With farm markets bursting with product and flavor, it’s time for you to join the cars at the side of the road and become a chef. After all not all chefs deal with major food companies who arrive at their back door with a week’s worth of supplies. Sure that’s fine for paper towels, but produce and meats. Nope.
You can be a modern-day chef who visits a garden or works with a farmer and makes his meals based on what’s in market or at the stands. Now’s the time to practice creativity and elevate the basic recipes as you try fresh-picked possibilities.  Emails are overflowing with peach teasers as the East Coast bounty is turning the basic peach lover into a peach canner or at least one who freezes slices for smoothies. Of course, tomatoes are filling baskets and corn readies itself for new grill recipes. Here’s a simple trick: Wash, husk corn, and put it on the grill. Let it make its popping sound; turn, and repeat til kernels beg to be eaten. The sounds of summer.
What’s stopping you? The answer should be: Nothing. The produce is so fresh, brimming with an aura of jus’ picked begging for your attention. This is what a chef who markets does. Chefs, sous chefs, or even line cooks who are on a mission buy the freshest items possible. That’s how a daily menu works. Sure there are plenty of stand-bys, but daily specials thrive in a market environment. Home cooks can do it; it’s not that hard. Shop, talk to the produce stand people, and hit “Epicurious” for strategies. Time to be creative.

Here’s a simple exercise: Zebra heirloom tomatoes, small yellow potatoes, pickling cukes, corn beggin’ to be husked, and peaches of every size and variety (try the new darling donut peach). Add a protein and your bounty meal is bursting with flavor. However you dance the ingredients, they are ready for your creative tong.

Now’s the time to practice. The market waits for no one.



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Potatoes Getting Mashed Up Again

I know, I know, it should come as no surprise to me or anyone that potatoes, in all forms, are the villains of the food universe. They have been beaten up by the South Beach diet folks, and the school nutrition people chimed in recently, but a large-scale food study probably added the extra topping. Even my beloved baked got scathed in this study.

Let’s cut to the chase. In a Harvard study entitled, “Changes in Specific Dietary Factors May Have Big Impact on Long-Term Weight Gain,” the potato ( in all forms, with fried leading the list) tops the chart of offenders. This study says it is not just a matter of how much we eat but specifically what we eat that will determine our future body frames! We are not talking about a small study or one over a short period of time; rather an examination of three major studies encompassing results over 20 years. That in itself is impressive: A true clarion cry or calorie headliner!

What changes need to be made in our diets to digest the conclusions. First off, yes, the potato, needs to be reduced (eliminated) or we will continue to rock the obesity numbers. Very sad reality. On the other hand, the love of nuts continues to be a positive. Well-known cookbook author Susan Herrmann Loomis may help you discover some new uses for nuts.

Sure, everything in moderation, but grabbing a handful of nuts over the small bag of chips proves a healthy decision. Yes, fruits and vegetables have overall high scores. Let’s hear it for the new USDA plate!

Yogurt scores well, too, and makes it into the slimming column. Another interesting takeaway from the study is that getting less sleep, less than 6 hours, proves a weight-gaining decision. Go for fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and yogurt. Get 8 hours of sleep, and you’ll be following the right approach to lessen weight gain.

I begin now: Major lifestyle changes ahead since there’s never been a potato I haven’t liked!

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Unknown Fruits and Vegetables: New Friends

We’ve all heard the stories how families had never seen some vegetables in their fresh form but just assumed canned or frozen were the only options. Jamie Oliver made food history with his tour of West Virginia and the food revolution he stirred. Budget constraints have an impact on food purchasing and in these times of spiraling food costs, the tried and true head the shopping list.

Yet, I have earned a new education. Without my early membership in a CSA, I might never have tried some of my new friends. It’s you Kohlrabi I’m talking to. Not that the stand employees had many ideas how to handle this rather awkward looking vegetable; they were curious what I would uncover. With my trusty computer and numerous search attempts, I found no shortage of recipes but after the early experimentation, I settled on a personal Waldorf Salad.  Kohlrabi, apples, nuts, and cranberries became perfectly united with just a little lemon juice and a dollop of mayonnaise. The crunch worked and this veg gained star status in our house. Consider starting it from seed as Gurney’s catalog offers some enticing recipes!

Maybe the trendiest vegetable of the year award will go to KALE. From an unknown to super-star status and expensive marketing (kale chips at $7.95 a bag), this prior, semi-unknown proved a most versatile companion to many dishes. The biggest caveat is that a small bunch shrinks to a minuscule size when cooked. Buy more than you need or if you are lucky enough to find it, get a big, triple-washed bag (remember kale neared the top of last week’s pesticide list), and go wild with recipe creations. Kale can handle experimentation or if you focus in one direction, it loves sesame oil and rice vinegar with a sprinkling of tamari in a hot skillet.

Rhubarb may tie with Kale for top trend honors as the once unfamiliar fruit now champions a legion of followers or as the food52 people learned, rhubarb parties are a big hit! Maybe the house’s personal favorite recipe involves using way less sugar than previously imagined and cooking bite size pieces until just soft. Cool, taste, and freeze the majority as this is a fruit that loves oatmeal. OK, we had plenty of rhubarb-strawberry events but love pulling out a little bit as a cereal or dessert add-on. Have you tried it with Greek yogurt? A winner.

Actually these three foods moved to star status in our house this year, and we haven’t even talked about health benefits! Are we ever lucky as so many new choices are coming into market and it’s only the first day of summer. Our list will expand.

Happy Solstice.

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Cookbook Round-Up

Summertime is the perfect time to laze around enjoying some of the new cookbooks that have hit the market. With all the fine produce at the farm stands and the grocers who strive to bring in local, this is a good time to look at the vegetable options.

With the increasing number of Vegan followers and those who subscribe to meatless days or think about healthier options, here’s a good primer: Color Me Vegan. What’s particularly enjoyable about this book is its color-coded emphasis on eating healthy; eating vegan. The recipes are easy to follow and attractive to lure you into trying something new. Those who just want the burst of color will be able to tweak the recipe to accommodate the omnivores.

Now that everyone has written about Gluten-Free and its mainstream numbers, the cookbooks are popping out of the printers.  Here’s one (125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes) that includes recipes for vegans although the combination of being G-F and V can be challenging at times. The highlight of this book is the straightforward approach from writer, Carol Fenster, who has an impressive history covering special diet needs including earlier gluten-free cookbooks: Would you believe her earlier 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipe cookbook! The 125 G-F recipe book will be available in July.

Neither a Vegan nor a Gluten-Free approach to vegetables, but one that considers how time starved we all are: The Best 30-Minute Vegetarian Recipes makes it easy to approach the summer heat with quick solutions to a healthy meal. Most of the 150 recipes are low in fat and in sugar. When the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are market ready or ready to be picked from your own garden, the Gazpacho recipe may prove a perfect summer favorite.

I have to leave the vegetable track for a moment and consider the importance of good bread to accompany all these veggie recipes. As we’ve watched foods come into vogue, we recognize the return of a once-popular piece of kitchen equipment: The Bread Machine. Prices have dropped on this handy kitchen accessory due to its formerly untrendy status so this is a perfect item to add now and awaken the family to the delicious morning aroma of  just-baked bread. The Artisan Bread Machine with its 250 recipes fits the ease-of-use bill. Nothing’s better than combining artisan techniques into the workhouse machine! Add to that the summertime availability of delicious tomatoes (atop a foccaccia) and the desire to serve a healthy pizza lets you add your fresh vegetable toppings to the wonderful crusts from the bread machine.

These are just some of the many new cookbooks worth your summertime lolling pleasure. Relax with an iced coffee, and find the perfect solution to any meal period. Enjoy.




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Time to Refocus Your Geometry: Pyramid Death

Just as color alerts became a confusing part of our daily routines, the food pyramid chart has confounded “new” thinking about food and is about to die a natural death. As in, it will be removed from the visual universe of what we should eat. It is high time the icon was put aside into the annals of food history. Yet, what will the new look say about our food when all is revealed on June 2? The pyramid becomes history, and the plate details the new food visual.

Not just any plate, but one that has been approved by the First Family. A plate that says, less is better but what constitutes less will be unveiled in stages. We have become a full plate society from our parents earliest admonitions to finish your food to dining out and expecting full plates brimming over with food. Oversize restaurant portions were supposed to imply monetary value but instead helped contribute to our obesity numbers.

The President and the First Lady exemplify their commitment to exercise and good eating habits. The White House Garden has been a huge success and farm markets continue to expand in close proximity to the White House. At the same time some of the nation’s top chefs have contributed their time and expertise to improving the school lunch program. Logically, the next step is to take the tired pyramid of foods and replace its message with one that stresses vital health information. This is a more active focus that demonstrates the importance of being active and eating healthy. In addition to the USDA, other government agencies will help drive the important message.

Making the plate a thing of beauty with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables is a natural starting point. After all we are in the heart of the growing season and product availability. Grocers are competing with farm stands to show that locally grown food can be readily available to all shoppers.

Eating healthy has new rules and as a nation the time has come to step up to the plate and move into a healthier position. We welcome the pyramid retirement party.

It’s time to set up a healthy plate.


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