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Can Whole Foods top Whole Foods?

That’s the question running along Rockville Pike this week as the long-established grocer moves to new digs. Not just a new store, but a big one, almost twice the size of the crowded space it had a couple of miles away.  For a company that has been in this part of Maryland for 20 years, they are demonstrating a new lifeblood as they open one of their bigger stores at 51,000 square feet.

Besides ample room to negotiate the aisles, what else is new in this brightly lit environment? Where does one begin? Maybe with the fact that they have a butcher on site. That works for me as the profession has been slowly facing the death knell. To help the butcher have a bold presence, there’ll be no shortage of great aromas as the meat department has its own smoker for ribs and brisket, a Kosher selection, and dry-aged meats.

The fish and seafood counter may remind you a bit of the way hotels are reaching out and getting away from the front desk concept. In this department, the staff will come out from behind the counter and help you select your items. The more personalized, interactive, approach is something that will be evident throughout the entire store.

Name a department and put them to the test. They’ve got you covered. Start with take-away, prepared foods. You’ll be swimming in possibilities from the hot 850 degree pizza oven that promises a Neapolitan selection in 90 seconds to the new Arepas section for your cornmeal cake. Too daring, then step over to the burger and hot dog station. Some other changes right there: An organic salad bar. Now that takes the guesswork out of decision-making! They’ll even have smaller, more affordable prepared salads in the cases.

As for what’s truly different: Cooking Rockville promises to take the guesswork out of “How do I prepare this food, ingredient?” They have a staff of cooking coaches ready to assist in an inviting space with a wall of spices and grains as a backdrop!  This area should help more shoppers take the next step into adventuresome, reality cooking, what they call CIY, Cooking It Yourself. They’ll champion you.

The company seems focused on addressing an age-old problem: Affordability. They are conscious of what’s involved for every shopper and stress their new focus: competitive everyday prices, over 2,000 sale items per month, and plenty of weekly specials. When you add that up and throw in the emphasis on fresh, organic, and local,  you have followed the Market to its next step.

It’s always fun to go to a new grocer or restaurant preview. This outing was no exception. Yes, Whole Foods has shown that shopping does not have to be dull. Always fun to see new departments stretch the possibilities and respond to the latest trends.

Grab a basket. It’s opening day!

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The Day After Guac

What a weekend it’s been with everyone enticing us to take a dip. OK, just dip once. Now, today we pay. How many chips equal  a loaf of bread? That is the question.

The national consumption tallies may not be totally accurate, but you know how you indulged. Was it more about the score or the opportunity to taste a variety of wings, strips, fingers, or great looking guacamole begging you to try it?  Let’s be honest when a store plans ahead so well as to offer perfectly ripe, good sized avocados for $1 a piece that you’re game to try the process yourself. (Lime; not lemon is the secret weapon.) Not every avocado needs to be mashed up. Perfect slices bring life and color to a morning omelet, and no one is shrieking about the negative health benefits of an avocado. This is a good fat.

Chicken wings have their own story to tell. This may be the first year I’ve seen them dressed as kung pao wings! Why not? How many people know how to make a true Buffalo wing anyway? BTW,  I’ve heard that upwards of 100 million pounds of chicken wings make an appearance on a Super Bowl weekend! That’s an impressive number.

Now that you’ve dipped and scooped and eaten your way thru the pre-game events and the crunching after-game statistics, this may be the week to focus on all the news that actually came out last week: Eat less and cut down on your sodium, the newly revised USDA Dietary Guidelines. Most of us probably inhaled enough salt over the weekend to do a marathon cleansing.

Rest up. We move from the mash-up to the sublime. This coming week promises the allure of chocolate. After all Valentine’s Day Weekend approaches. Time to trade the green for the heart-love red. Buy a good chocolate, melt, and dip away!strawberriesresultsIMG

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Mixed Messages: Marketing to Success

Here it is November, and the conversation on the top burner is still the same: The Economy. Sure there are some bright spots that manage to sneak out every once in a while, but in general, food news has a narrow plus side. That is until this week! Whole Foods announced record sales. How is that possible when everyone is crying clip coupons and sale days? Simple, the company that was not too long ago referred to as Whole Paycheck decided to play the Specials game. They, too, have sales and weekly specials, and a one-day Friday bonanza just to keep ‘em coming in. Guess what: The Strategy has worked.

One of the easiest ways to be a Whole Foods shopper is to shop the specials. If chicken is on sale, then chicken it is. If Fish X has a good price, go play chef and develop menus around that particular fish. Same is true for fruits and vegetables which always look fresh but some fresher than others as in those on sale for the week. Chefs do this type of shopping whenever they leave the cooktop. What looks good and is well priced is what they buy. Menus follow. Individual shoppers can be successful following the same strategy!

On the restaurant side of life, the news appears a little more convoluted. Judging by the number of specials, one is left to surmise that all is not wine and roses. Yes, there are plenty of high-end restaurants with impressive visibility doing well, but there are no shortage of top dollar spots struggling for attention. Not everyone gets a Thomas Keller price point and succeeds. Execution is everything.

At the mid-tier level, the results are definitely mixed with a cry for attention. Happy Hours have evolved into longer time periods with more options in both food and drink specials. Why not? If you can’t fill the seats, or the stools, you can’t stay open, regardless of the time of day.

When an announcement promotes a “Steal of a Deal,” you know there’s a new strategy at work. Lunch specials at reduced prices in the bar or lounge area have become more commonplace. A few posts are even throwing in the enticing glass of wine. Are we heading back to our 3-Martini Lunch Environment? I doubt it.

As we see signs of business travel increasing, we recognize that it often comes with a food component. Bottom-line corporate accounting is still in place so hotels have figured out a bone to capture some of the overnight stays: Include a free breakfast with the room deal. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to exist. Some brands are even touting their improved healthy selections to assist both the leisure and business traveler’s focus. breakfastimages

Heads in beds. Diners at tables. Shoppers in stores. It’s all the same. The economy will remain stuck in low gear if we can’t drive it with specials. Whole Foods demonstrated the power of the strategy: Bottom Line Success!

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Balance: The Price is in the Details

The news that projects pricing issues until at least the end of the year paints a scary Halloween picture. It seems no matter which way we structure or restructure the food budget, producers have us with higher prices. We know that corn prices, which affect a laundry list of end products, have risen dramatically. Beef is a tricky one as some ranchers find limited outlets for their beef. This then has them worried about maintaining a high quality product as we move forward. This is not necessarily a new problem but one that clearly fits into our pricing discussion. Look at the fish industry.  Salmon, cod, and halibut are now more readily available, but prices have skyrocketed. One is left with the question, Who will buy?

At the same time pricing worries continue, it’s no surprise that coupon usage is way up. Consumers decided to pay attention to offers and take advantage of the savings. There are few branded products that hide behind a no-coupon policy. The current environment encourages grocers and restaurants to follow customer preferences and offer  frequent guests and shoppers enticing coupons. This is the new norm now at all price points with even so-called higher-end stores such as Whole Foods actively joined the coupon brigade. As for general retail, the mantra seems to be “Sign up today; no charge, and get 20% off your first purchase.” These are all-telling details.

A funny little trend sneaks in under the radar. Consumers have taken the healthy and ecological food train and do not want to get off. Sustainability has become an important concern and one that has stickiness. Those who started to buy healthier products and in turn eat healthier are not willing to forgo that lifestyle change. Likewise, environmental concerns has big players, such as Wal-Mart, hopping on board.

What happens to the local trend? The one that says support the local growers and merchants? It seems the concept managed to get on the radar with Wal-Mart as it opens and remodels its stores and the Sam’s Clubs, with more attention to local and healthier foods making the shopping list. Yes, you heard right. The big box player has decided to join the local movement. Who could have guessed that?wiiboard

Yes, it’s all about balance. We want sustainable goods and at the same time, we need options to cut our prices. We can learn a lot about pricing from high-end restaurants. Many figured out they need a sister operation or offer a less expensive bar menu.  Why not? We all are in the same game: Survival.

No business wants to miss out on the opportunities for affordable quality.

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Back on the Beat

I’ve been off key and away for a few weeks as I lost my staunchest advocate, my bright light, and overall, my all-out supporter. Now, it’s time to come out from under my shell and fulfill the promise he so desperately wanted me to achieve: To stay on top of the story and tell it like it is. So here we go.

A lot has happened in the food world, or nothing has happened, depending on your outlook.  Little changes prove noticeable as in the more things change, the more they stay the same. So sameness envelops what’s happening, or not, when we speak of food safety and when the phrase, the FDA gets mentioned.

Yes, folks, it’s an election year and that means paper gets shuffled, but in the fall weeks preceding a November election, time stands still. Any hope of seeing the FDA assume the leadership mantel that was so eloquently promised—review blog entries on FDA and food safety and food recalls--and you’ll notice little change. Sorry, truth is truth. Peanut butter, lettuce, burgers, and eggs are still topics of grave concern and continued surveillance. Without some degree of enforcement, E.coli and Salmonella will continue to be words echoed repeatedly and plague our decision-making.

We have talked frequently about the importance of organics and how some products should only be organic purchases. It seems that the popularity of going organic continues to increase and there are some early indications that the price of organic produce seems to be less out of touch than in earlier years. Irony aside but many stores that have large organic departments also manage to deliver better prices on the organic line-up than their larger chain competitors. Whole Foods continues to accomplish this price-value coefficient. If you need first-hand proof, go to the dairy aisle and check-out organic milk. You’ll be a believer.lunch208345913

Not that there have been miraculous overall changes to the school lunch program, but concern is widespread. Many well-known chefs joined with their nearby school systems and volunteered their time and talent to help implement change. What Jamie Oliver accomplished with his well-publicized Revolution earned him numerous accolades and got couch potatoes to be thinking about more than starches. Then, of course, First Lady Michelle Obama found a judicious cause and continues to champion its direction. Harder to go higher up the ladder than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Always end with good news, at least that’s what I was taught.

The week has begun. So much to report.

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Eating Healthy on the Road

It’s always a bit of a challenge to eat healthy when traveling. Sure there are plenty of guides pointing out edible food spots at a few airports and train stations, but what about those who take the roads? Plenty of reports indicate that the car vacationer is operating at full speed. No shortage of fast food stops along the Interstates, but what about the healthy options? The vegan, the Gluten-Free, and the basic eater who wants the best of what’s local should start stressing right about now.

Why stop along the road if you are stressing about the options? Roadsides are littered with multiple fast food options with a sprinkling of signs pointing to a diner which at least lets you believe the food is being prepared individually for you. Then, the options stop. This is especially true when you leave the Interstate for the scenic bypass routes. Leaving the road and exploring a small town can often yield little. Traveling into a larger town offers the best little secret: Try the local grocery store. You can at least find something that borders healthy, even if it’s not your favorite market, farm stand, or Whole Foods.

As the Interstates reveal, people are traveling again and judging by the numbers at picnic tables, frugality still dominates many of our dining decisions. Matching our budgets and desire to eat healthy poses numerous challenges which need great will power.

It can be done, but after your first opening of the Coleman, you might need to get creative.coleman

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Certifying Authenticity

When we talked about healthy snacks and focusing on US production, we opened a can of worms that continues to crawl all over us. Claims are being made and consumers are being challenged to have confidence in their products. Here are a few instances where we are getting the help we need to decipher all the labeling confusion.

Whole Foods decided they needed companies to certify the organic claims for their personal care products. Such changes do not come overnight so the company is giving them until August to submit their compliance plans and until next June for full compliance. This should be interesting to watch! Wonder how many companies will just disappear from the shelves since they cannot meet the claims they advertise! Hmm. They are asking manufacturers that claim a product is organic to verify that it meets the USDA’s National Organic

We should applaud this move as well as salute the companies that are focusing us on our food verification. A final quick note (for today) in the anxiety column: Sunscreens.

We have been told to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. That damage and increased skin cancer rates are making us vulnerable to future problems. We lather our children and ourselves with 15-30-45 SPFs and higher so they will not be victims of future skin problems. Wait: The news may not be what it seems. Some sunscreens have ingredients that subject us to future problems; not protect, but enhance the dilemma. Now the Environmental Working Group has a list we need to check and cross-check against the products we regularly use.

As they say, it’s complicated: Protecting our food supply, making certain claims are authentic, and finding the safest, best products. We need to stay ever vigilant!


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Spiking the Water

Sometimes we take one step forward and slink back two. Not so hard to happen with food and beverage promises about healthy life changes. We take the oath to skip the diet drinks and increase our water. Then we decide that plain water does not suit our purposes sufficiently and need to give it a boost from a beverage that promises to give us a little more energy. With me so far?

Plain water does not seem to do the trick when exercising during the hot, humid days. Our bodies crave a little more; replenishment does not come easily. We find strength in the energy water aisles, but often when we read the labels, we are back to square one.

Look at the very popular, and I might point out, quite tasty, PowerAde Zero. All the flavor choices make it especially appealing. People are drinking the 32 oz. bottles as if they are merely flavored water. They’re not. They contain sucralose (Splenda) which gives them a sweet quick kick, but this product makes all our efforts at going natural a questionable process.

Same with Propel’s Vitamin Enhanced Water. Glaceau’s VitaminWater Zero has Truvia and Fructose. Even Gatorade, the original company that figured out the value of electrolyte beverages, is in this confusing “what is sugar space” with its G2 products, but they’ve upped the ante a little.

The new Gatorade Natural (G Natural and G2 Natural) drinks are just that: Natural replenishment products that give the same great taste we’ve come to expect from our boosters, but this time they left the questionable ultra-sweet sugars out of the mix. They focus entirely on providing a healthy, natural electrolyte approach to speed up the replenishment period of exercise.

I’ve tried all these energy boosting drinks, but this time I think I’ve found a mate: G2 Natural. This summer they introduced the product to Whole Foods Market customers in several regions of the country. This is a logical partnership: natural food; natural drink. After my perfect ace, my spiked berry or mango water seems to be doing the trick!NATURAL_G2_Dry(2)

Sure you can have any of these drinks straight, but a little boost and a lot of water works for me in rehydrating my otherwise spent existence.

Hope you’ll be able to go natural soon.

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Grocery Shopping: A Two-Tiered Approach

Just the sound of that phrase makes some people quiver, but there can be fun ways to fill the larder. After touring a new Whole Foods store, I now understand how the company survived so handsomely during this past, difficult year. They signed onto the sale and coupon philosophy and figured out how to communicate their new strategy. Customers no longer needed to quake at the mere thought of entering a store; instead, they have learned how to shop and what to buy with each visit.wholefoods

Basically, Whole Foods learned how to offer sizable price reductions in each of the major departments. For the consumer, the translation is quite simple: Buy strawberries when they are on sale; not when they are back to their old prices. A basic example. You can plan your menus easily around the sales. This week you’ll buy one type of fish and next week it may be a whole different flavor profile. This type of  shopping’s much easier: You buy the freshest foods with the biggest reductions and you leave the store a much wiser, healthier individual. Those are the products you want to plan your meals around. Nothing foreign about this concept. This is how chefs shop for restaurants. What looks good, what just came in, and what about the price point are considerations when they tour the markets.

At this new store, there was a product innovation that is sure to interest the curious and captivate the regulars. Some shoppers will continue to create their own salad/main course meal from the cold and hot selections which are sold by the pound, and then there are the newbies. Individuals who will want the $7.99 box with 3 compartments of items stuffed to the gilder-sterns as long as the lid closes: One price, one huge possibility!

The healthy focus has certainly helped drive their business as more consumers are focused on purchasing healthy foods for their families. Combine that strategy with the emphasis on finding producers of local foods, and you have a pretty good understanding of how the company has made such major strides across the grocery aisle.

Innovations are great as long as the price point stays in the center of the radar. Competition will remain strong, as at the other end of the spectrum is major competition in the form of Wal-Mart. Here’s a company that has made significant strides in its food line this year and just announced plans to continue to increase the depth of possibilities–they call it the aggressive Rollbacks program. We are talking about a major retailer that has reworked its aisles and departments to limit some selections in favor of increasing the overall breadth of food selections. This is where to shop for the basics that every household needs: It’s a win-win situation: You fill your house with great price-point savings on pantry essentials.

Everybody else in between plans to continue its coupon-driven enticements. The consumer has become a more savvy shopper after this past year of economic upheaval and has learned how to save shopping dollars. Markets cannot return to their old ways.

Shopping need not be Guerrilla warfare. I am more a believer than ever.

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Holiday Recall

The irony is not lost on me that this year, the year of so many significant food recalls, ends the decade with another holiday problem.

Let’s review the big impact recalls of ’09: Peanut Butter, Pistachios, Refrigerated Cookie Dough, Ground Beef, and now another seasonal nut: Hazelnuts. Before we discuss the particulars, let me warn again about ground beef: There’s been another recall.

It’s not too late to get a grinder attachment for your mixer and buy a chuck roast, trim the fat, and make your own 80-20 burger. They come out beautifully and are free of anxiety fears! If you miss out on the Holiday wish list, look for this product on the After-Christmas sales. You’ll be feeling smug about the decision all year–OK, don’t forget the meat thermometer. Together the two products, which will not cost that much, will save you a blood pressure spike every time you read about another meat recall!

Now about those nuts. It’s really been a bad news year for nuts. The overall industry has been hard hit by Salmonella problems and now the popular Hazelnut or as it is often called the Filbert, has joined the dreaded list. Here’s an update from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It seems not everyone agrees with that assessment and believes that the potential for Salmonella is enough to warrant action. I agree. I’m too squeamish to take a chance. I’ll need to wait it out.


As we leave this decade, the almost one-year old promise of solving Food Safety concerns is still out there. Let’s make sure food safety regulation and monitoring happens early in the new year. Everyone will benefit.

Promises; promises.

We need action.

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Ne sait-il de John Ogjilvie ou de son Dictionnaire impériale des Anglais ng ag Si oui, il considère soit comme autorité Dans la préface de son dictionnaire Og lvie dit le dictionnaire Webster, qui constitue la base de ce travail, viagra sans ordonnance belgique est reconnu à la fois dans ce pays et en Amérique pour cialis tadalafil 20mg être non seulement supérieure à l'une des deux ex-Johnson Richardson, mais levitra chez la femme à tous les autres dictionnaires jusqu'ici publié. Il est plus abondant dans son vocabulaire, plus correct dans levitra 20mg prix en ligne viagra et cialis en meme temps ses définitions, plus complet dans son plan, et dans le département viagra indications étymologique, il est incomparable. Cette même Webster, dont Ogilvie parlait si fortement, cite le texte suivant du poète distingué Keats, qui ne peut guère être accusé d'avoir été l'un tinct de Lucent européenne à la cannelle. 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Diverse specie di pipistrello, anche descritto come britannico, non sono ancora stati rilevati nell'isola sorella. levitra generico in rete Lo Scoiattolo, che in alcune parti d'Irlanda è numerosa e crescente, è pensato per essere viagra medicina levitra farmaco cialis o levitra pde 5 inizialmente farmaci per la disfunzione erettile viagra cialis levitra non indigeno, ma sia stato introdotto senza data molto recente, e di aver ampliato la propria gamma di diversi cosiddetti centri di introduzione. cialis e pressione bassa Il signor RM Barrington, che è stato a notevoli difficoltà di raccogliere statistiche su questo argomento, ha pubblicato un documento interessante sull'introduzione del Squirrel In Irlanda che si ritroverà nel procedimento scientifici della Royal cialis vendita in svizzera Dublin Sul guardando la mappa che accompagna questo documento, e che illustra l'attuale distribuzione del scoiattolo in Irlanda, effetti collaterali dell levitra si può notare che ci sono solo tre o quattro levitra dosi macchie di paese in cui si trova l'animale, e questi soprattutto nel viagra cinese centro e ad est dell'Irlanda, con poche sparse distretti nel nord. 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